My name is Andrea, I'm 20 years old and what I do is usually called “beatboxing”, but I don’t want you to think JUST about a Hip Hop guy doing just Hip Hop stuff in the Hip Hop world nor a random guy doing crazy sounds with his voice at Italia’s Got Talent
This art of making music throughout our speech organs is a much bigger deal to me. 

Beatboxing has created a whole new range of possibilities with the human voice, introducing a new phonetic system in order to speak one of the most commonly understood forms of communication in the world: music
Our forefathers (such as Doug E Fresh, Rhazel, Kenny Mohammed and many others), provided us with a new amazing tool to instantly get our musical ideas “out of our head and into the world” (cit. Beardyman). It’s our duty now as beatboxers to carry that torch, taking the whole thing to the next level. 

Throughout the years, hundreds of beatboxers have given their contribution to enrich the range of sounds and vocal techniques, but the focus has always been to impress people. When a beatboxer performs in front of a crowd that is unfamiliar with this art form, the first reaction is of awe, the audience is always mesmerised by these “unhuman” sounds. Therefore every beatboxer is unconsciously trying to find that reaction again and that’s why 99% of beatboxers rely on talent shows or beatbox battles, events with the main purpose of showing something impressive
And that’s okay! This need of appreciation has been a true engine for us beatboxers to take beatbox techniques to the level they are today!

On the other hand, it feels like most of us are losing their way to discover what I believe to be the true potential of this art form. 
Most beatboxers don’t know music theory at all even though music is supposed to be our “language”!
It’s like a rapper who doesn’t really know grammar, or a writer with a poor vocabulary. And this is one of the reasons why beatboxing is so underrated!
The bigger your range of musical tool is, the more conscious your creative choices become. 
Aware of my own ignorance, I started studying music years ago, becoming more and more aware of what I was “saying”. 
The educational side is indeed one of the core points of this project.

Other projects are on their way, such as introducing beatbox to other performing arts (ej. orchestra concert, drama acts...), and generally understanding more of these techniques for what concerns the anatomy and the application of beatboxing in speech therapy.

Yeah, I know! I'm saying a lot of stuff... But I really want you to understand how I feel about this! 

My purpose is to document and chronicle my path into this art form, making you part of this crazy adventure I decided to live! 
In order to produce professional content, I will need budget in order to include professionals in my videos/projects. Plus, as an independent artist, it's no easy task to self-fund research in this bizarre ability, especially here in Italy!

That's why I need your support! If you like my idea and you want to be its Patreon, please click this link:

and take a look at the Tier section and choose the advantages that may fit you!
If you regrettably don't have this possibility, or you are not interested, I would be grateful if you considered sharing this page to your parents/friends, maybe someone else is willing to support this weird stuff!

Heartfelt thanks to you, for your attention!



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